Monday, May 3, 2010

I wonder how many people have been in a hurry driving to get to the bathroom and got pulled over and peed or crapped their pants.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Jesi's Car Accident

Jesi was in a car accident today with her grandmother. She's okay--she has a mid tib/fib fracture and went in for surgery this evening. The doctor didn't have to put any pins or plates in, so that's wonderful! She also has some minor abrasions and bruising. We are feeling very blessed! This child is meant for big things, you'll see why when I post the pics of the car she was in! (haven't seen it but heard about it)

She's sticking her tongue out at me in this pic. She is a trooper! She went over 3 hours with no pain medication (they had to make sure she didn't have any head trauma, plus they couldn't find a good vein) and didn't cry once! Well, she did cry once because she had that foam head stabilizer around her head and couldn't hear her dad on the phone when she was in the ambulance!

That is a towel on her head. It kind of looks like a dressing, but it's not. Just wanted to clear that up. You can click on the pic for a bigger view. Where the ace bandage is bulging out, that's not her knee! You can see her knee a little bit above that.

We are so glad she's okay and love her very much!!

-Brie'Anne & Michael-
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Friday, December 5, 2008

Corn Chip Kisses: a work in progress

Went on a date last Friday night
We was 'sposed to go to dinner
But them prices were outta sight

See I don't make much money from haulin' hay.
I was embarrassed when I told her
She smiled, said that's okay.

So I took her to the Sonic
She got a Frito pie
When I took her home later
I got my kiss goodnight

I love them corn chip kisses
Ohh eww whoa
Them corn chip kisses.